Spiritual energies

Spiritual energies


Many people think that Ghosts are the same as spirit guides or Spirits, let me tell you that No they are not.


What are ghosts, and what are spirits?


A ghost is someone who have passed on and is “stuck” between the physical and the spiritual afterlife world , they have died by accidents, have been murdered or committed suicide or other unnatural reasons. They do not cross through the light to go on to the Afterlife, they stick around in this “netherworld” for different reasons, one is that they can not go to the afterlife until the real death date is arrived.

Some walk around for so many years that they can´t find the light anymore even when it´s time.


A spirit is a person who have passed on, but has actually gone through the light and into the spiritual Afterlife. There they go through a life review with their guides and have learning process, and after that, they are able to come and go between the spiritual and our physical world.

Spirits come back to watch over us, and to comfort us but ghosts are just stuck in netherworld between. A ghost is normally depicted as something that haunts people or places and therefore gives off a feeling of fear and negativity.

Unhappy ghosts feed off of our fear, to get our attention they will do things to make us feel uncomfortable, or frightened and It’s all to get themselves noticed.


There are many different spirits in the physical plane. Just like people, they all have different energies and have different purposes. Some good, some not so good and some even evils.


As a psychic medium I can sense those paranormal energies when I visit a new home or a new place, I can feel and mostly see shadows, different kind of shapes, see some rays or some flashes.

Some clients ask for my help with spiritual cleansing in their houses, someone in the family in that house is constantly depressed or giving off negative energies.

I normally ask those in need, “ what changes have you noticed since you moved in to your new house”?


Some of them tell me that since they moved in to a new house, they have so much bad lucks and misfortunes in their lives, some tells me that they have nightmares often and they are being watched by something.

Normally the children and the pets can sense them and all other energies in your home, a child can stare at something that you can´t see and suddenly react with a strong fear. They have often nightmares and don´t want to sleep alone, this if the energies are negative.

If you feel that your life have been changed in a negative way since you moved to a new home, that your mental health got worse, you feel depressed, you and your partner fight often and your relationship is in the risky pale, you newly have lost your job or have difficult to find a new job, it´s time to start with a spiritual cleansing .

Most of the spirits are not evil, they just looking for help and wants to communicate, if you feel some heavy energy around you it can be a sad soul or an negative entity .

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