Spirits or Ghosts

Signs of spirits or Ghosts in your home


One usual sign your place could be haunted is strange smells you normally shouldn’t sense and it can come and go from nowhere.
A spirit may sometimes bring with it scents such as cigar smoke, sometimes like poo, alkohol or even perfume or flowers.


Nightmares often, If a spirit resides in the house, sometimes they can cause you to dream or even have nightmares about them.
You have dreams of strange places you’ve never been to or people you can’t recognize.


Feeling of being watched: if you are sensitive and can easy feel energies, you may feel like you have been watched by something, or when you for example turn around to leave a room, you feel that someone is behind you and are going to touch you.
Heaviness in the Air, i feel that it´s hard to breathe when i have spirits around me in a room, some of you feel when a ghost or entity is present in the house it gives the feeling of a heaviness in the air that can sometimes make it harder for you to breathe.
Noises, Are you hearing strange noises, or even whispers that can’t be explained? I am not talking about those people now with different diagnosis who use medicals, i´m talking about healthy person who can hear noises, or someone calls your name.
The spirit may be trying to make its presence known, knowing what noises are normal and which aren’t can help you determine the possible cause.


Changes in air temperature, Sudden changes the temperature around you is often a good indicator, a spirit is near.
Sometimes when spirits are around, the air becomes colder.


You notice that things in your home moving around, Some spirits like to move things, Entities in the house may be trying to make its presence known by moving objects, they may be trying to play tricks on you. If it´s going on often and you experience some other signs as well, you have visitor.
Have you being touched when no one else is around, it is important for you to know what touched you.
You have to be strong and never show any fears, always when you have an unpleasant feeling before bedtime ,close the door to your bedroom when you going to sleep, when you close the door you will mark that they are not welcome and by this your screen the area.

Ask the spirit to leave and tell them it is not right for them to be there .

I can help you if you have experienced some of this signs above, I will in details tell you step by step what to do.

You are welcome to book a private session with me there I will tell you how to change the situation .

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