Crystals that Optimize Well-Being During Challenging Times

Crystals that Optimize Well-Being During Challenging Times

Ancient history tells us that crystals are healing stones. While this may not hold true for medical illnesses, it may yet have something to offer those with invisible wounds. See it as two similar counteracting each other: when you bring the invisible vibes of crystals in close contact with your discreet misery, the former may defeat the latter.

The following crystals achieve this effect swimmingly.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a low chakra stone that looks like it sounds: stripes of alternating black, orange, and gold. The grounding effect of this crystal is all about making us stronger emotionally and helping us navigate our way through hardships.

While it’s no memory loss stone, the tiger’s eye does diminish the effect of negative encounters and events upon your mind. Thus, it offers the support you require to face a particularly tough situation.


Garnet is similar to the tiger’s eye in that it has grounding energy that staves off negatively through emotional balance. It’s great for people going through deeply frustrating times with no signs of closure.

Getting close to the garnet during such times is a precautionary measure, for it might ward off the claustrophobia, exhaustion, stress, and anger headed your way. As a crystal that works as well as any devotion spell, the garnet is the ideal self-care solution.


Bloodstone is a root chakra stone that grounds and cleanses the spirit during a challenging time, with physical and emotional traumas aplenty.

As a crystal that carries blood energy within itself, the bloodstone blends seamlessly with the blood flowing through our veins. It gives us the courage and strength to survive a crisis, stay healthy, and remain in control of our thoughts.

Several Crystals in Different Shapes, Sizes, and Colours Spread out on a Light Green and Purple Split Surface


Hematite is a crystal that absorbs negative energy and replenishe syour strength reserves. Not only that, but the stone also protects your newfound strength from any more negative energy to come, thereby bringing down your stress levels.

It keeps you calm, worry-free, and stable through difficulties, so we can achieve our goals without getting distracted by anything.

Clear Quartz

Where do we start with clear quartz? The stone’s stunning appearance is its most ordinary feature—wait till you get to read about the wonders it can do.

Always sapping away the negativity with its purifying energy, the crystal also magnifies the positivity twofold. In other words, when your spirits have taken a big hit, even the slightest ray of hope can be turned into full-blown joy with the clear quartz.

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