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Dodging Divorce with These 3 Tips

Do you feel like your marriage might not make it another year? See a psychic before you see your lawyer—or try these out.

Talk it Out

The first step to saving any marriage is having an open conversation. Unless you’re talking about your problems, you can’t work out the solutions to solve them. If you feel like your marriage is falling apart, call a meeting with your partner. Stat.

Lack of, or the loss of, communication is almost always what contributes to bad fallings-out between couples. You can avoid that only if you choose to break the ice. A marriage is a bond that’s meant to make you feel warm and gushy—if this bond has become chilly, you need that ice to thaw before it’s too late.

Admit Your Mistakes

We all have egos and ego issues, but sometimes we must make compromises and accede ground to the other. Unless we’re willing to give an inch, we can’t take a yard. Marriage, as a shared bond between two people, has to do with both parties taking equal responsibility and sharing the blame.

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It might be that your partner has come to this decision because you did or said some things that put them off—over time. You can still salvage this mess if you act quickly and wisely. Sometimes, something as small as saying “I was wrong” can move great hurdles out of your way.

Reach a Compromise

Let’s say you’re at a point where even admitting your mistakes isn’t doing much good, but you don’t want the divorce because of the impact it will have on your children. You want them to have a fulfilling life with the involvement of both their parents. You don’t want them to live a life that’s blemished by the mark of separated parents. Broken houses breed broken people, and broken marriages breed broken children.

If that’s the case, you can still reach a compromise. Talk to your spouse about separation within the house. Tell them that they must do this for the children. And who knows, perhaps in time, they’ll come to love you again?

Speaking of Love . . .

The best way to save your marriage, of course, is to rekindle the love between your spouse and yourself. And if you think you’ve come too far for that, think again. With the help of Sandton Psychic, you can save your marriage right away. Get in touch with us for more details.

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